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With countries across the world witnessing rapid urbanization, there is unprecedented pressure on the city administrations, public utilities and services infrastructure. To accommodate the exponentially growing urban population in a sustainable and efficient manner, city governments need to harness next-gen technologies to create development strategies that are sure to deliver desired outcomes. Smart solutions for cities, along with e-governance, and new regulation framework will play a pivotal role in building cities of the future.

TCS Solution

Our services cover:

  • Smart Transportation – End-to-end transportation solution for vehicle tracking, dispatching,  parking area management, and optimal fuel consumption

  • Smart Campus – Indoor navigation to find places of interest, optimal routes, and emergency exits
  • Smart Parking – Cost-effective parking solution using gateways and IoT to provide real-time information to command center
  • Smart Waste Management Smart bins with automatic messaging for bin status and pick-up.
  • Smart Building Management Systems -  Integrated solution for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) as well as lighting, access control, and surveillance
  • Smart Water – Water distribution and monitoring through IoT ecosystems and data analytics
  • Smart Energy Management – Real-time monitoring using machine learning for preventive maintenance and energy saving
  • Smart Environment Management Solution – Monitoring pollution levels at points of interest


  • Improve customer satisfaction – Provide reliable and efficient public amenities
  • Minimize energy losses – Optimize energy, asset, and building management
  • Control revenue losses – Plug leaks and minimize theft, with smart metering
  • Lower operating expenses – Reduce costs through automation
  • Boost security – Detect threats early with video analytics-based surveillance
  • Bolster e-governance – Foster collaboration and integration across public agencies

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