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To be successful, the travel, transportation and hospitality (TTH) industry needs to keep pace with changing trends in consumer demands, supply chain transformation and corporatization. The industry needs to restructure cost centers and factor in customer value for immediate survival and long-term sustainability. Companies in this sector are looking to balance the human touch and machine augmentation in line with evolving behavioral trends across customer segments.

For greater operational excellence, TTH players are looking at breaking silos with information ecosystems, digitalizing demand-driven nimble business models and location independent service delivery. To shift to the new paradigm, TTH players need to modernize by moving away from a mainframe core to public cloud such as AWS.

With the experience of working with over 35 airline companies and two major airline alliances, seven major logistic providers, 11 railway customers, 10 seaports, five postal organizations, five leading hotel chains and three car rental companies, TCS enables TTH service providers to gain agility to compete in a result-oriented and customer-driven digital world. TCS has leveraged contextual knowledge gathered over 25 years of working with global clients to create cloud-based offerings for TTH players that address all requirements end-to-end.

TCS has been collaborating with leading cloud service providers, such as AWS, to create customized TTH services that help organizations harness the power of cloud and deliver omnichannel travel experience. It offers full cloud-play on AWS cloud spanning discovery, assessment, foundation, migration, modernization, data, AI/ML, IoT, AWS Connect and AWS Workspace. AWS Native Services allows industry players to scale and be agile in changing times.

TCS has launched TCS Aviana™, an AI/ML-based solution suite that enables comprehensive operations visibility, digital collaboration and augmented decisions through connected insights and intelligence. TCS Aviana™ can be deployed on AWS.

TCS has created a TTH value chain using next generation technologies such as blockchain, IoT and edge, to provide cloud transformation accelerators. The best practices that guide this suite of TTH solutions include:

Enabling airline recovery solution, mainframe core to public cloud migration and crew collaboration solutions on cloud

Supporting customer centricity and enriching travel experiences with new-age workloads such as blockchain, IoT, edge implementations and conversational experience on AWS cloud

Providing all IT operations and service assurance, airline revenue accounting, analytics and data solutions on AWS cloud

Advantages of TCS TTH Solutions on AWS

  • TCS products and accelerators: Proprietary solutions for cloud modernization include Cloud Counsel, TCS iCMC, Cloud Mason, Cloud Migration Factory, Cloud Exponence, DATOM™, DAEZMO™, TCS QET Platform, TCS AvianaTM
  • Mainframe modernization: Helps reduce mainframe dependency and ascend to AWS cloud using pattern-based architectures and accelerators such as TCS MasterCraftTM
  • Cloud value architecture for TTH: Combining deep contextual knowledge with AWS' cutting-edge native services for creation of borderless TTH enterprises on the cloud