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Environmental Finance presented Tata Consultancy Services with the ESG Initiative of the Year 2023 award.

The news and analysis portal's Sustainable Investment Awards recognize corporates across industries that are transforming their business practices to pave the way toward a net zero future. 

In 2022, TCS launched an ESG data offering that enables financial services institutions to achieve their climate objectives. Our ESG integration suite includes numerous cloud-based solutions that can consolidate ESG metrics to measure the performance of assets and investments of financial service providers. The suite also guides companies with integration of ESG data and enables sustainability reporting. 

According to Kishan Changlani, partner at TCS’ Sustainable Banking, Strategic Initiatives division, “TCS supports its clients’ sustainability journeys by leveraging its expertise in technology and innovation to develop sustainable solutions, optimize operations, and drive responsible business practices.” 

TCS has also been focusing on its own sustainability initiatives with the aim of reducing carbon footprint, using renewable energies, and adopting a regenerative approach to business. We enable this by creating an increased consciousness of the environment through collaborations with our suppliers, employees, customers, and the overall community. In 2022, the Tata Group initiated its ‘net zero by 2045’ strategy. One of the key goals of the strategy is to reduce its absolute Scope 1 and Scope 2 emissions footprint by up to 70% by 2025.  

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