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An idea that in many ways is still taking shape, Web3 has been touted by experts as the next iteration of the internet. It is envisioned as a decentralized network that will not be controlled by any institution. You might even be an active participant in this concept today, whether you play online games or invest in cryptocurrencies and NFTs. 

In this podcast, we talk to David Kish, Ecosystem Advisor, Future of Business, TCS, and Parthasarathy V, Innovation Evangelist, Enterprise Growth Group, TCS, about how businesses are preparing for this change. David explains how Web3’s blockchain technology supports democratized ecosystems that create value for all participants through cooperation rather than competition, while Partha talks about the actual mechanics of Web3. 

Let’s go beyond the usual buzzwords to learn more about what powers Web3, how it’s different from Web 2.0, and how large enterprises can take advantage of its possibilities. 

Is your business ready for the future of the internet?