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With the advent of digitization, BFSI organizations are increasingly facing issues such as rapidly evolving customer expectations, rising operating costs, and emerging technology-enabled competitors. Undertaking large-scale digital transformation to tackle these challenges often tends to obstruct the day-to-day operations. Also, the lack of in-house digital talent and synchronization between digitization roadmap and strategic business objectives limit the success of such transformation programs.


Using TCS Tran$form©, BFSI companies can drive revenue growth and establish themselves as leaders in digital domain. With technology-led solutions, a Machine First™ approach, and partnerships with industry-leading vendors of digital platforms, TCS Tran$form© empowers BFSI organizations to offer exponential improvements to customer experiences and harness automation opportunities.

TCS Tran$form© offers a range of capabilities such as:

  • Rationalized Processes: Facilitates automation across value chain with next-gen cognitive technologies.
  • Digital Transformation: Ushers in end-to-end digitization using a holistic approach quantifying expected business benefits.
  • Improved Experience: Enables superior customer experience by bridging engagement gaps using digital levers.
  • Business Transformation: Reinvents traditional business models by allowing companies to tap into new revenue streams.


With TCS Tran$form©, BFSI organization can achieve the following benefits:

  • Enable hyper-personalized, real-time interactions with customers to drive satisfaction
  • Drive quality improvements and minimize interventions by customers to access services
  • Use predictive analytics to harness cross-selling and up-selling opportunities   
  • Increase employee productivity with simplified business process and integrated workflow
  • Access actionable insights from diverse data sources to augment decision-making
  • Empower business users with self-service capabilities and robust digital workplace tools  
  • Reimagine front- and mid-office operations to facilitate seamless business transactions
  • Build close ecosystem partnerships to identify and harness new revenue streams

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