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Sudheendra Ullura

Solution, BFSI, TCS

Lakshmi Prasad Narayana

Enterprise, BFSI, TCS

BFSI firms embrace low-code, no-code to improve speed, agility and collaboration

BFSI firms are under pressure to accelerate the delivery of new products and services and upgrade existing offerings to meet changing customer demands. A rapid application development platform is a critical prerequisite to meet these demands. Low-code and no-code platforms simplify the development process and help create flexible banking and insurance applications. BFSI firms are in a constant cycle of enhancing applications by adding features and services. Low-code and no-code programming approaches are most suitable for such development environments. 

Some key factors for BFSI firms to consider for successful low-code, no-code app development:

  • Selecting the right low-code, no-code platform

  • Validate business and technical requirements to meet digitalization goals

  • Finalize enterprise-level transformation roadmap

Low-code, no-code platforms are the best bet for banks and insurers to keep pace with ever-increasing customer expectations from the digital experience.