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Ayan Sinha

Functional Consultant and Program Manager, Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance, TCS

A mainframe modernization approach to enhance banks’ digital capabilities

Monolithic legacy systems pose challenges that hinder banks in maintaining the desired pace of digitalization. Legacy systems compromise customer service and experience, impede the delivery of new features and offerings, and constrain banks from responding nimbly to changing trends, putting them at a competitive disadvantage. The urgent need for legacy modernization in financial institutions is thus evident. But an expensive big bang mainframe modernization program may disrupt operations. The way forward for banks lies in adopting an incremental approach to legacy modernization.

Given that most applications in banks reside on mainframe platforms, what approach should banks take? Executing incremental legacy modernization programs in conjunction with ongoing implementations is less costly and disruptive and also helps to preserve functions in the existing systems. With this approach, banks can:

  • Achieve a connected ecosystem

  • Meet evolving business needs and customer expectations

  • Ramp up digitalization programs