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Christine Ashton, Senior VP for Technology, Thomson Reuters, describes how TCS has helped them transform their business systems and operate in a planned manner, with a  continuous improvement process to keep the momentum going.

Thomson Reuters is a leading source of intelligent information for the world’s businesses and professionals, delivering critical information to decision makers in the financial and risk, legal, tax and accounting, intellectual property and science, and media markets.

TCS helped Thomson Reuters' simplify business systems and create a compelling growth strategy.

“Putting our customers at the center of everything we do is what we're about. So partnering with TCS the way we've described has meant that my staff have much more time to really think through the design of programs and projects that deliver benefits directly to our customers,” says Christine.

Christine highlights that the business strategy planning involved a three-step approach:

  • Simplification: TCS helped Thomson Reuters simplify business systems, which provided them with better understanding of business expenses.

  • Sophistication: Thomson Reuters have since been able to plan and implement more sophisticated business strategies.

  • Better recruitment: TCS enabled Thomson Reuters to recruit and change internal processes to help them better analyze and think through key business decisions.

In TCS, Thomson Reuters found a strategic partner as it embarked on a journey to transform business systems to make them run better, more efficiently, take work out of the system, and drive exponential business outcomes.

Christine mentions that with TCS' leadership, Thomson Reuters has been able to deliver their services consistently day in, day out and they’ve delivered those services better and quicker.