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Supply chain is the nerve-centre of CPG companies. Companies must therefore constantly examine their supply chain operations and identify areas of improvement. They must streamline their supply chain operations to meet customer demands and keep pace with technology. Companies must also be familiar with how digitizing the supply chain gives them a competitive edge.


We have handled supply chain management projects for over 300 enterprises worldwide. Our knowledge repository has CPG best practices and industry-based KPIs. Here are some of our key solutions:

  • Integrated Business Planning (IBP): TCS’ SAP IBP Offering provides a framework for quick implementation of SAP’s IBP suite.

  • Omni-Channel fulfillment: Our consulting frameworks enable customers sustain ‘demand from anywhere’ and ‘fulfillment from anywhere’.

  • Inventory Optimization: This optimizes inventory across multi-echelons and segmentation of SKU’s.

  • Network Optimization:

  • Integrated Distribution Management System: This improves efficiency and customer service level in distribution supply chain.

  • Supply chain assessment for single version of truth: This harmonizes multiple data sources.


  • Improve product quality
  • Improve inventory management and fulfilment processes
  • Optimize supply chain network design
  • Optimize cost and asset utilization
  • Support omni-channel fulfillment through digitization and automation
  • Make informed decisions about warehouse operations based on visibility
  • Reduce time to market and cost to market
  • Enable single sources of truth for supply chain


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