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London Hydro wanted to give customers an in depth view of electricity consumption data.


In order to evolve their customer offerings, London Hydro decided to provide end users with individualized electricity usage data. This would allow customers to better manage their electric consumption, increasing their engagement with the large utility.

London Hydro needed a scalable and high performing platform with a quick response time to provide customers with easy and secure access. They were looking for an experienced partner to drive this initiative in sync with the company’s business goals.



TCS deploys futuristic app to give customers heightened access and control of usage data.


. This cloud-based app gives customers quick and secure access to their electricity consumption data, provides interactive tools to manage consumption, and suggests energy saving ideas. Through the tool, customers can better understand their usage patterns, manage their bills, give feedback, and even earn rewards.

Our solution was based on an open ESPI framework, which made it simple to adopt new standards, enabled easy collaboration with other Green Button implementations, provided seamless vendor integration and ensured minimal downtime.

As part of the solution, we employed Google Datastore to support the large data volume and achieved a record response time of 2-5 seconds. The application also served as a consumption data repository, allowing access to other cloud hosted London Hydro applications using REST Webservice.  


TCS deploys an award winning solution to put customers “in charge”.

what made this happen


Read how TCS’ solution leverages an AI/ML framework & acquires real-time energy data to help enterprises reduce energy consumption & become more sustainable.


As businesses prioritize green products, TCS’ solution helps them achieve supplier sustainability, ESG and SDG priorities, efficient carbon management, and a circular economy.

TCS’ Machine Vision platform addresses the need for utilities’ automation and standardized asset inspection and utilities vegetation management to cut costs.