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SHV Energy needed a mature and flexible MSS partner for security operations


SHV Energy, a leading global distributor for off-grid energy, operating in 25 countries across 4 continents, recently reviewed their IT infrastructure. They wanted to implement common systems across their global operations. A key consideration for this approach was security and the ability to continuously manage possible threats in different time zones. They needed an experienced and flexible Managed Security Service (MSS) partner to support vulnerability management, threat intelligence, security monitoring, detection and response for on-site and cloud-based infrastructure and applications.




TCS deploys cyber security managed services as a security solution


Following a review of the requirements,  to align with the existing Enterprise Architecture (EA), allowing flexibility based upon business needs. The solution was implemented across 25 countries and enabled standard and on-demand solutions across a complex range of systems. It has a wide scope and can monitor partner or supplier IT environments for security threats, incidents, and vulnerabilities around the clock.

TCS was also able to evaluate methods to build on the SOC implementation by adding a Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) plan with a threat intelligence platform for SHV Energy. This helped enhance enterprise cybersecurity.  Any new security risk is identified, categorized and added to this automated SIEM platform. The platform then uses real-time and historical analysis of events and incidents to centralise the relevant data, assess the threat and trigger the correct response.

The platform also has advanced search capabilities with focus on reporting and data visualisation features enabling SHV Energy save time and resources.


“Building-up a Global Security Operating Center to actively monitor and manage security threats is a cornerstone of the SHV Energy Digital Strategy. We are pleased to partner with TCS, with their extensive experience, expertise and commitment to work together to develop the SHV Energy Information Security Programme.”

Sjourd Wijdeveld, Member of the Management Board, CIO, SHV Energy



TCS provided a flexible global security operations centre for SHV Energy


The TCS approach offered SHV Energy a flexible and robust platform to support the wide implementation of its strategic digital ambitions. It ensured current and future system security from cyber threats across the global business units.

"TCS not only provides 24x7 security monitoring services but also has valuable expertise in the latest security tools and processes, said Mahdi Abdulrazak, Global Information Security Officer, SHV Energy.

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