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Oil and Gas (O&G) companies typically use a wide range of IT solutions managed by multiple vendors.

This sort of asset-centric distributed application management:

  • Leads to redundancies stemming from non-standardized workflows
  • Complicates the IT services delivery model for each business unit
  • Reduces efficiency and raises overall operational costs

Therefore, companies must consolidate IT operations across vendors and locations to derive maximum RoI from IT.


TCS Application Management Services for the O&G industry help firms consolidate their upstream IT services landscape, improving the overall efficiency of their global business operations.

We adopt a service-line approach to structure three pivotal components:

  • Service management layer: serves as the central mechanism for IT governance to manage suppliers and contracts for quality output, greater scalability, and higher efficiency.
  • Service integration layer: comprises critical functions that foster collaboration among IT suppliers, business leaders, and the IT division.
  • Service provision layer: handles IT operations including application delivery (AD), application management (AM) and factory services, where supplier delivery is executed. The factory-based approach is applied to quality assurance, data migration, and training processes to ensure high quality and reduced costs. 


  • Provide a superior experience to business application users
  • Scale up quickly to accommodate growth targets & aspirations
  • Ensure better responsiveness and faster service delivery
  • Reduce TCO and operational costs through process optimization
  • Reduce IT service outages associated with maintenance downtime
  • Harmonize individual contributions of all involved stakeholders


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