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Filipe Da Silva

Head, Business solutions, TCS Energy & Resources

Swayambhu Dutta

Research Analyst, Marketing Transformation – Research team, TCS

Ankita Jaitly

Presales Consultant, TCS Energy and Resources

Assessing risks and benefits throughout the digital value chain

Globalization has driven the use of digital technologies across all industries. While many sectors have adopted the changes as feasible, several are yet to leverage the opportunities arising out of the same. The construction industry is also catching up, albeit slowly, in the drive to leverage the benefits of cloud, Blockchain, IoT, analytics, Big Data, Drones etc.

The paper lists the following steps for the industry to move in the digital direction:

  • Analyzes the digital interventions across the construction industry
  • Indicates the practical applications and predicted disruptions along the value chain
  • Evaluates the impact of digital technologies in a sector struggling with low profit margins and labor shortages
  • Exhibits a framework that can be leveraged to assess risks and benefits throughout the digital value chain