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Vidula Joshi

Project Manager and Techno-Functional Consultant, TCS Energy & Resources

Ensuring successful outcomes in-line with Business 4.0™ & Workforce 4.0 concepts

While Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) have traditionally focused on maintaining the golden traditional triangle of timeline, cost, and quality using one-size-fits-all solutions, digital disruption is forcing manufacturing leaders to change their project management approach with emphasis on the importance of having client specific customized standards, based on applicable domain industry standards, best practices and lessons learnt over the period. It details the ways modernization of quality assurance approach supported by the right technologies can help cut costs and accelerate time-to-market, while maintaining the balance in the traditional wisdom of the golden triangle.

A deep dive to explore and understand -

  • The Porter's Value Chain Remodeled
  • Decoding the Golden Triangle for MES transformations
  • Moving to a collaborative and connected MES future


About the author

Vidula Joshi
Vidula Joshi is working as a Project Manager for Rolling and Finishing area in one of the global steel major’s large transformation program, ‘Smart Steel factory’.
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