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Sourav De

Industry Advisor, Energy Resource Unit, TCS

Kausik Mukherjee

Enterprise Architect, Energy Resource Unit, TCS

Basil Chatterji

Enterprise Architect, Energy Resource Unit, TCS

TCS uses its tech brilliance for O&G companies to determine their digital state

The global O&G sector is slowly transitioning towards a less carbon portfolio, the expanding core value-chain, and proliferation of digitization. However, the industry faces roadblocks as below.

  • The changing geopolitical and socio-economic impacts through technological disruptions has been a continuous challenge.

  • In the O&G sector, digital adoption has mostly been to address specific business challenges and often been without a comprehensive business level planned approach. 

  • The COVID-19 pandemic has led to more oil companies & governments pledging to embrace a NetZero Carbon portfolio.

  • A pragmatic framework comprising a digital reference architecture, digital levers, and maturity dimensions is required to provide actionable insights for a strategic end-to-end digital transformation.

Therefore, the oil companies are adopting a “glocal” (global-yet-local) strategy depending upon the country of operation, per-capita income and the availability of alternate low carbon resources.