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Ved Sen

Digital Evangelist, TCS, UK

Smart homes for elderly helps people age safely and more independently 

As the ageing population swells across the globe, the Connected Home & Elder Care market presents a significant opportunity for businesses across sectors. An ecosystem of telecom companies, utility providers, media platforms, healthcare firms, and technology providers can help create a wellness and lifestyle solution that is underpinned by Business 4.0-enabled home automation to:

  • Generate information triggers and alerts that can be relayed to medical teams/ care providers, in real time, to enable timely intervention. 
  • Provide targeted care to a larger set of people by helping elderly with technology.
  • Deliver affordable care with limited resources through home automation for elderly that works on subscription-based consumption models.


About the author

Ved Sen
Ved Sen is a Digital Evangelist for TCS UK and has over 20 years of experience across emerging technology, design, and business.
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