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Sukriti Jalali

Growth and Transformation Leader, HiTech, TCS

Building ecosystem intelligence for accelerated business outcomes

High tech enterprises routinely gather, analyze, and report metrics across various business functions. However, the growing need to respond to events in real time, develop ecosystem intelligence, and cross leverage enterprise data requires long-term strategies focused on building a strong data foundation. As the world becomes more connected, firms will have to imbibe these strategies in their data and analytics target operating model:

  • Cloud-based data warehouses: Ensuring a secure exchange of data across the ecosystem with zero license and on-demand scaling

  • Impact of global events on business: Timely sensing of and response to events occurring outside the enterprise

  • Machine learning operations: Using ML models at scale to allow data scientists more time to solve business challenges

  • AI on the edge: Generating useful insights closer to where data is produced

  • Knowledge graphs: Generating quick insights from large amounts of data connected via multi-tiered relationships