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Satish Kumar Barnala

Enterprise Architect, HiTech, TCS

Automated systems in product support can enhance user experience

The pandemic has made automation a priority for enterprises. Along with a machine-first approach, automation is essential for large product support operations, as it can help users resolve issues and offer intelligent organization-level insights. Product support involves many steps, with high manual intervention. To address these issues, this paper recommends four phases for ticket resolution:

  • Proactive assistance: Users can resolve issues themselves before they log an incident.
  • Auto case enrichment and triage: Through automation, tickets are assigned to the relevant support team and additional information on the incident is gathered from various systems.
  • Auto resolution: Tickets are resolved with automated standard operating procedures and guidelines.
  • Intelligent insights: A dashboard offers real-time insights by monitoring data from the previous phases.

A machine-first approach for product support operations can enhance customer experience and improve brand value.