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Nirmal Kumar J

Solution Architect, Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance, TCS

Amarnath Suggu

Senior Consultant, Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance, TCS

Building an ecosystem to offer end-to-end cybersecurity service

Rapid digitalization across enterprises has expanded the cyberattack surface and increased the threat of an attack. Enterprises must opt for cyber insurance to combat these risks and enhance cyber resilience. Cyber insurance provides coverage for data breach, investigation costs, loss due to downtime or inability to recover data, notification costs, and legal expenses after a cyberattack. Offering cybersecurity assessment as well as risk and loss mitigation services along with cyber protection is a key differentiator.

Despite rising market demand for cyber insurance, insurers face challenges in modelling risks and identifying and mitigating continuously evolving cyber risks. As a result, the growth of cyber insurance portfolios has been sluggish. To address this and grow their cyber insurance portfolios, insurers must build an ecosystem of players to offer services across:

  • Risk assessment and prevention
  • Threat detection
  • Legal and reporting
  • Breach response, containment and recovery