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Jaideep Kaneria

Global Head and Industry Advisor

Sakshi Sharma

Analyst, Research

Evidence-based approach

Systematic literature review (SLR) is increasingly being used as a critical evidence generation and decision-making tool.

The methodologies like systematic literature reviews (SLR), real world evidence (RWE), and others support regulatory, clinical, and policy-level decision-making. The amalgamation of SLR with RWE and other quantitative techniques represents the highest level of evidence generation. 

The future of evidence generation will be complex; the current process of generating SLR is manual and highly dependent on developed countries.

Thus, researchers and policymakers demand technology levels to optimize the end-to-end SLR process. The industry must invest in smart, intelligent, and connected technology to transform the existing manual process.

The industry is witnessing increased adoption of SLR as a critical evidence-generation and decision-making tool. SLR offers several benefits, like comprehensive and summarize views on any question related to scientific research, to understand research gaps and identify areas of improvement in future work.  

The SLR with meta-analysis and network meta-analysis-based evidence have the highest quality of evidence. The literature review industry has been transforming across multiple dimensions to create an efficient and cost-effective process. The industry should invest in proof-of-concept and design-thinking-led projects to leverage smart, intelligent and connected technology, and science-based ecosystem to disrupt and transform the existing siloed processes. The industry will explore multiple software tools integrating elements of smart technologies like AI-ML and cloud to automate the overall SLR process.

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Jaideep Kaneria
Jaideep Kaneria heads the real-world evidence unit and HEOR (Health economics and outcomes research) at TCS. He is a recipient of the 7th International Fellowship on Health Technology Assessment (HTA) and is a qualified pharmacist. He has more than 23 years of leadership and domain and technology experience in RWE, HEOR, market access, clinical trials, and healthcare value chain. He has authored, published, and presented more than ten thought leadership in various global scientific forums and journals.
Sakshi Sharma
Sakshi is working as an RWE analyst in TCS’ Life Sciences business unit. She has more than ten years of experience in life sciences market research and consulting and has worked for the top 10 global pharma, medtech, and clinical research organizations and diagnostics players.