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The new paradigm in airlines retailing

​Digitalization that gained traction in aviation post the COVID-19 pandemic is now accelerating due to the growing emphasis on sustainable travel. From seat allocations to baggage tracking, the industry is adopting advanced digital strategies to meet the expectations of new-age, tech-savvy travelers. One aspect of the aviation industry that can make the most of this digital transformation is airline retailing.

According to a recent McKinsey study, airline retailing could be worth up to $40B by 2030. It has the potential to create value of up to $7 per passenger. Therefore, as it steadies after bearing the brunt of the pandemic, the industry should focus on digital retailing in its effort to become resilient.

To embark on this journey, airlines need to focus on demand and supply. They will not only have to reinvent distribution to accommodate new kinds of products but should also think digital and customers-first. This will require them to break free from their legacy framework and instead understand and adapt new business models in sync with the digital world.

Tapping new opportunities

The success of digital retailing will also depend on partnerships and collaboration, something the industry is lagging in when compared with other sectors.

Sanjeev Kumar, Head, Industry Advisory, Aviation, TTH Americas, TCS, and Eric Leopold, founder of Threedot (, engage in an insightful discussion on the importance of airline retailing. They provide an overview of the transformational journey of airlines to digital retailing, the business opportunities this will open up, and what it entails. They discuss the approach needed for a seamless transition in this journey, and the upsides and downsides of this transition.

The podcast covers the key focus areas that will enable growth in this journey, the steps to optimally handle the transition, and the approach to be taken. It also throws light on business case, stakeholder management, decision making, and innovative ways to accelerate digital retailing.