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An immersive approach to targeted, accelerated problem-solving for business 

A key enabler of TCS Pace™ innovation architecture, a Pace Sprint is a short, time-boxed period to deliver valuable outcomes that help businesses learn faster and minimize their risk on investment. These sprints are designed as distinct interventions across the life cycle of an initiative, and incorporate design-thinking, lean UX and agile methodologies. Given that time is our scarcest resource, a Sprint runs towards producing innovative, accelerated and transformative business outcomes within a defined time frame.


Carve out your digital strategy and build an innovation portfolio: Watch how a Sprint helps you do this                                                                  


Explore emerging technologies and rapidly incubate MVPs: Take the first step toward immediately building only what really matters to your customers. Watch the video here.


Discover hidden problems and design next-gen solutions:  Sprints uncover answers to critical business questions through design, prototyping, and user validation of ideas before going live. Watch how it happens, here.


Launch MVPs and establish a growth marketing pattern to acquire customers:Growth does not just come from the top of the funnel. It can come from anywhere within the customer lifecycle. We show you how.

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