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The continuous pace of innovation, operational restructuring, new business models, and discerning and demanding end-customers are disarranging traditional business value chains. These factors coupled with accelerated competition from non-traditional players is challenging the ability of financial institutions to generate profits and grow their business. To stay agile, be profitable and create exponential value for customers, firms will have to proactively harness new digital technologies and revisit their core architecture and create innovative and different value propositions.


TCS BaNCS Global Securities Processing Platform is a single consolidated solution, certified by SWIFT, that comes with comprehensive functionality encompassing the entire capital markets value chain, helping both buy-side and sell-side firms implement robust, error-proof, STP-enabled, highly-scalable processes for trade processing, clearing and settlement, custody, portfolio accounting and corporate actions administration. Deployed across more than 100+ countries, the TCS BaNCS Global Securities Processing Platform is one of the largest collection of components made available through the cloud, helping firms become more agile and intelligent by leveraging the power of new and extended ecosystems.

Firms can benefit from a robust Digital Core that captures the right data to address market and technology risks. The solution ensures superior client servicing across multiple digital channels, as well as timely decision-making to reimagine workspaces. With the TCS BaNCS Global Securities Processing Platform, your financial institution can create a niche and differentiated value proposition for end-client servicing and operations -- be it through the extraction of right data to reimagine the operations workspace or the use of cognitive technologies such as AI, Machine Learning, predictive analytics for enhanced automation, intelligent insights and predictions. 


TCS BaNCS Global Securities Processing Platform helps financial securities firms with:

  • A scalable and integrated front- to mid- to back-office platform supporting trade management, clearing, settlement and real time accounting
  • A post-trade solution that supports a single securities back-office across both retail and institutional broking for multiple asset classes including derivatives
  • A strong Digital Core which uses the ‘right data’ across the value chain to unlock game-changing insights, KPIs and predictions
  • Automation, through the use of cognitive technologies like AI, ML and advanced analytics
  • Multi-X features including multiple legal entities, languages, business lines, asset classes, markets and geographies in a single application

TCS BaNCS solutions are accredited by SWIFT for more than a decade. TCS BaNCS Global Securities Processing Platform is certified for 2023. Read more about the SWIFT certifications here



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