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Sivakumar Subramanian

Principal Scientist, TCS Research

Venkataramana Runkana

Chief Scientist, TCS Research


  • Point carbon capture is one of many clean energy transition options, which refer to the process of capturing carbon at the source from heavy industries like power, steel, cement, and chemicals.
  • Technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) can lead to enhanced carbon capture efficiency.
  • To achieve net zero emissions, it is time to focus on technological solutions, combining the knowledge and expertise from materials science, process engineering, and digital technologies, to make carbon capture, utilization, and storage techno-economically feasible.

About the author

Sivakumar Subramanian
Sivakumar Subramanian is a Principal Scientist with TCS Research. He has 23 years of experience in industrial research and software development. His areas of interest include process systems engineering, process operability, process intensification, and sustainability. He holds a PhD in Chemical Engineering from Lehigh University, PA, USA, and is a senior member of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE), USA.
Venkataramana Runkana
Venkataramana Runkana is a Chief Scientist with TCS Research and leads the research program for the manufacturing and engineering domains. He has nearly 30 years of experience in process modelling, simulation and optimization, industrial analytics, and digital twin, process development, scale-up and design, and nanomaterials. A chemical engineer by education, Venkat holds a PhD in Earth and Environmental Engineering from Columbia University, New York, USA.
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