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Prasant Misra

Scientist, TCS R&I

Arunchandar Vasan

Principal scientist,TCS R&I

Anand Sivasubramaniam

Chief scientist, TCS R&I

A System to Help Create Real-time Frictionless Journeys

Changing technological advances and evolving society demands is transforming mobility from being process-driven travel to an on-demand service.  However, the current mobility universe comprises multiple dedicated digital exchanges, offering services in silos with minimal adaptation to a user’s real-time journey. This results in various challenges, including:

  • Lack of a global perspective, and unknown effects of mobility services on each other
  • Inside-out approach to journey planning with a focus only on automobile mobility
  • Shortage of developed urban spaces, which hampers the scaling of city transport resources
  • Dearth of appropriate space, which hits mobility on the supply side, and in turn affects customer experience

Intelligent Mobility Exchange, or MOBIX, is a global mobility controller that can broker mobility transactions across mobility service silos, creating new and improved, and integrated mobility experiences.