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ABN Amro wanted to prepare itself to go beyond PSD2 compliance.


ABN Amro wanted to comply with the recent European Legislation - Payment Services Directive (PSD2). This legislation impacts the way customers pay online to what information they see while making a payment. It also requires banks to provide customers’ data to other organizations. Beyond PSD2 compliance, ABN Amro looks at opening up more valuable APIs and use those of others. The goal was to set up a Cloud-based Open Banking platform to speed up, create beyond banking experiences, explore new business models and innovate finance together.




TCS partnered with ABN Amro to implement an Open Banking solution through Product and Architecture consulting


Rather than viewing Payment Services Directive (PSD2) as another regulation, ABN Amro saw it as an opportunity to radically improve its digital offering. The journey began with selecting the right API management solution. ABN Amro then chose to build a Developer Portal which provides external developers with everything they need to use the bank’s APIs effectively and productively. The site provides a number of APIs for commercial clients. This makes ABN Amro the first major bank in the Netherlands to provide access to a Developer Portal and specifically ask the outside world to become partners in its innovations. In the next phase, ABN Amro is working on extending more services as APIs and publishing it on the Developer Portal to increase API adoption.




Throughout our API journey, TCS has been a very dedicated and knowledgeable partner

Maarten Spit, Head of Enterprise Integration Technology, ABN Amro