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Cloud transformation has opened up a new world of possibilities for enterprises, offering immense flexibility, agility and modernization for both the IT environment and business at large. However, enterprises face unforeseen challenges which include the need for holistic governance, control and security on the cloud. The lack of a comprehensive data protection strategy, insufficient integration and communication between multiple native and third-party security technologies, and shortage of skilled professionals on distributed data, identity and applications contribute to the absence of centralized visibility and control. Enterprises must also keep pace with accelerated changes in the technology landscape, avoid misconfiguration of services and comply with global, industry and local regulatory compliance standards.

TCS offers end-to-end security services on Google Cloud with built-in security controls, simplified and automated policy control, as well as contextualized, risk-based security for enterprises. TCS also provides integrated and standardized security service offerings, endorsed cloud-native security controls and instrumented governance framework. TCS’ Security Services on Google Cloud include:

Application security services: Implements a structured, enterprise-wide vulnerability management framework. These services include automated scanning, remediation tracking, actionable reporting for management of digital assets, DevSecOps services and GKE Security services to ensure maximum risk reduction.

Compliance modernization services: Aligns enterprises business strategy with compliance and regulatory standards. It includes automation of security compliance requirements using security policy as a code along with TCS enterprise security modernization services.

Data protection services: Offers assessment of data privacy risk, classification of structured and unstructured data, data masking, encryption and data loss prevention, ensuring privacy by design and default, and access governance, third-party tool support and periodic audits.

Security operations and analytics services: Enables instrumented governance across multi-cloud environment and provides advanced and specialized cloud-based security operations. TCS also offers consulting and leverages Chronicle and Virus Total intelligent for data fusion identity threats with advanced rules engines.

Zero-trust and workspace services: Adopts a zero trust (ZT) security model for an enterprise-wide transformation that covers maturity assessment at the start of the ZT journey. TCS ensures a smooth transition to a ZT security model with Google BeyondCorp Enterprise Solution.

Identity and access management services: Offers full stack identity and access management (IAM) services such as authentication and authorization services across multi-cloud, build and implementation of IAM tools, application integrations for single sign-on, multi-factor authentication (MFA), engineering services, privilege access management and identity governance.

Network security services: Involves the implementation of next-gen network security on firewall, ATP, IDS/IPS and proxy, micro-segmentation, implementation and operation of ZT and SASE solutions, and DDos Protection and WAF with Google Cloud Armor.


The benefits that TCS’ Security Services on Google Cloud offer include:

  •  Improved risk resilience and compliance outcomes
  • Instrumented privacy management, better governance, higher visibility and transparency
  • Reduced TCO and security debt
  • Actionable insights using security analytics





TCS has built its own set of service enablers, reusables, and accelerators such as Cloud Calibur™, and foundation security control templates.

TCS’ experts are trained and certified by respective OEMs and partners. We have many active customer engagements on GCP supported by certified professionals.

TCS has dedicated centers of excellence (CoEs) focused on specific security areas including managed security services, identity and access management, fraud management, cloud security, governance, and risk and compliance.

TCS offers consulting, professional and operational services across the Google Cloud platform for each security service and control, assuring end-to-end service delivery and commitment to quality.

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