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Enterprise IT has to reduce technical debt and capital expenditure while adapting to changing market demands. This requires shifting focus from legacy monoliths to cloud-based architectures. With cloud-native applications, enterprises can build digital platforms that optimize costs, accelerate business innovation, and fuel top-line growth. That is why enterprise application modernization services on the cloud are a must for future-proofing IT operations to meet the demands of a digital age.

TCS Solution

. A core benefit of our cloud modernization service is the transformation of businesses across industries into purpose-driven enterprises.

Our MFDM™-based framework is powered by four accelerators:

  1. Modernization Propeller: Tackles challenges from enterprise modernization on the cloud and is compatible with major cloud platforms (AWS, Azure, GCP, IBM)
  2. Zipped Agile: Enables end-to-end DevSecOps setup with pre-configured architectural patterns and technology stacks for hybrid and multi-cloud scenarios
  3. Business Ecosystem Integration Services (BEIS): Identifies business use cases, defines the modernization roadmap, and implements cloud architecture 
  4. Cloud Mutagen: Provides in-depth analysis and highlights challenges and efforts in cloud migration


Leveraging the principles of agile, Business 4.0™, and DevSecOps, TCS offers six key benefits:

  • Transition from legacy monoliths to microservices-based cloud applications seamlessly 
  • Ensure uninterrupted services, continuous innovation, and interoperability 
  • Enhance product value and brand perception 
  • Consolidate core business assets on the cloud to achieve faster time-to-market 
  • Improve collaboration across your business ecosystem with agile, modern IT systems 
  • Support customer and partner-facing functions with a cloud-native ecosystem