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Drive customer experience and deliver products faster to market.


The telecom industry faces critical issues such as growing customer demands for niche products and faster service, high customer churn, and increasing operating costs. There is a need for new business models to offset the strain on profitability. Telecom service providers need to invest in omni-channel customer experience, along with developing new products and improving time to market.


"TCS Communication Business Operations spans the value chain of communication service providers, consumers, and enterprises based on managed services and outcome-based operating and commercial models."

We address the areas of Service Fulfillment, Service Management, Network Management, and Billing and Revenue Assurance.

We design, enable, and execute business operations services for telecom service providers and equipment vendor enterprises:

  • Service provisioning service that processes orders $23+ billion/year

  • Service management supporting 15 million customers

  • Billing and revenue assurance services managing invoices $21+ billion/year

  • Network management covering 8 million customers/year

  • Fiber rollout services designing 2.2+ million sites


  • Increase Net Promoter Score

  • Achieve faster time to market

  • Reduce Opex and Capex

  • Enhance customer experience

  • Improve First Time Resolutions (FTR)


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