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Data management and monitoring is becoming cumbersome for IT managers due to an exponential increase in data volume. Organizations have limited budget to procure storage to accommodate the continual and unpredictable growth of data. Insufficient storage and inflexibility can also increase the time-to-market. Further, unplanned migrations put a burden on company bottom lines, resulting in big financial loss due to downtime. In addition, managing new data formats while utilizing the data from legacy storage platforms is also a complex task.


TCS CognixTM Storage as a Service enables data management and allows enterprises to scale their storage footprint as required. The solution provides real-time insights to monitor, control and manage data storage, and improves data quality to enable greater data management efficiency. It provides the following solutions:

  • Discovery and analysis: Facilitate detailed assessment and analysis of existing storage environment to generate insights through as-is data analysis to target state development.
  • Planning and build: Redefine the design architecture with recommended planning for the best-fit build and implementation approach.
  • Migration and consolidation: Develop a data migration strategy and architecture, implement migration approach, and execute storage consolidation via migration plan development, execution, testing and validation, and data consolidation.
  • Support and services: Impart training by certified experts

The solution ensures a high level of service availability and productivity with minimum disruption.


The solution provides the following benefits to enterprises:

  • Enables a 100% consumption-based model for a reduced storage TCO and 30% capex savings
  • Ensures full control through storage hardware deployed at on-premise DC location of a third-party vendor
  • Offers buyback options from storage partners to get credits in return for old and legacy arrays
  • Provides next-gen storage arrays with features such as NVMe and All-Flash and FMD
  • Migrates data from old to new storage arrays without application refactoring
  • The solution supports moving to cloud in the future with public cloud connectivity


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