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A Forrester Consulting thought leadership paper commissioned by Tata Consultancy Services

Modernize your IT services to tackle rising complexity

IT leaders recognize the urgency of enabling speed and scale in building digital capabilities to improve customer engagement. To understand the challenges and identify the best practices, Tata Consultancy Services commissioned Forrester Consulting to evaluate the role of internal IT services frameworks to support a fast-rising technology complexity.

Key findings

Business priorities are geared toward speed and innovation.

A majority (65%) want to expand their digital capabilities to engage customers more effectively.

IT complexity impacts speed of execution.

Scaling agile practices is proving to be difficult as almost 70% of organizations have more than 100 vendors and are adopting multi-cloud solutions.

Gaps in multi-vendor management.

Organizations need a comprehensive view across multiple vendors.

Leaders in digital succeed by embracing a more holistic approach.

Leaders differentiate themselves by focusing on skillsets, business metrics and upgrading ITSM practices to new needs.