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Leveraging next-gen HR systems and technologies to improve employee experience

Globalization, stiff competition, regulatory compliance, technical disruptions, and the new post-pandemic workplace are some of the challenges chief human resource officers face today, according to an IDC research sponsored by TCS.

However, with challenges come opportunities to achieve business objectives through empathetic, transparent, and consistent HR operations. To stay ahead of the curve, enterprises must engage with the right HR business partners to take advantage of technological innovations:

  • Upfront services to select the ‘best-fit’ technology options

  • Consulting services to reimagine HR processes

  • Services to help enterprises digitally transform their HR function

  • Ongoing technology management

  • Augmented capabilities that help HR fully embrace and integrate new technologies

  • AI-driven human-machine collaboration to access and engage organizational talent

Enterprises need to put in place an ecosystem that effectively supports innovative human resource practices.