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Build your cyber defense

Our approach

Enable business objectives

Build trust by design

Overcome cyber disruptors

Deliver all-inclusive cybersecurity

Our capabilities 

Our globally connected team has the broad skills and experiences to offer the following services:

  • Cyber digital trust and intelligence: Deliver a secure cross-platform environment by integrating threat intelligence, trust services, and security best practices into the digital lifecycle

  • Cyber resiliency: Harden defenses and reduce the cyberattack surface while minimizing business disruption

  • Cyber cloud enterprise solutions: Analyze enterprise risk through the lens of cloud and ERP solutions in a vendor-agnostic approach

  • Cyber governance, risk, and compliance: Align cyber risks with effective oversight, and implement cyber control objectives with productive orchestration and tools

  • Cyber risk for mergers and acquisitions – Minimize the risks associated with M&A projects before, during, and after integration or separation


Stay ahead of evolving cyber risks with our strategy consultants.

  • Proactively manage cyber risk

  • Prepare for tomorrow’s challenges

  • Improve operational resiliency

  • Assure stakeholders 

  • Comply with regulations

Cyber breaches happen even to the most sophisticated companies. By adopting a strategic perspective and using technology to enable growth as well as security, companies can minimize risk. And by preparing for the worst, they can be resilient even when faced with the most sophisticated adversaries.
Bob Scalise

Managing Partner, Risk and Cyber Strategy, TCS

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