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Derive quantifiable, sustainable business value with effective ERP strategies and continual innovation


In this digital age, companies are looking for ways to operationalize new corporate strategies and drive performance. For this, they must leverage the vast reserves of fragmented data to enable predictive and rapid decision-making and tailor interactions with clients and customers. This has become crucial in the increasingly complex and demanding business environment, where more and more customers are demanding mass personalization and better experience from companies.




TCS NextGen Enterprise Transformation helps organizations unlock their strategic capabilities and drive growth and transformation by helping clients reimagine business processes, enterprise architecture, and technology infrastructure. 

With features such as TCS Pace Port™, strategic insights and value realization, organization change management, ERP transformation, and perpetual transformation, build effective ERP strategies, and drive constant innovation by leveraging emerging technologies.

By integrating its client-first strategy across all aspects of their business, the framework helps companies transform operations and improve customer engagement. The transformation solution helps enterprises increase sales, enhance market share, and improve business resilience.


By leveraging TCS’ NextGen Enterprise Transformation service, enterprises worldwide can:

  • Enable faster time-to-market through agile business processes
  • Reduce working capital through enhanced digital capabilities
  • Embrace a future-forward mindset by continuously reimagining the operating model
  • Accelerate the ability to ‘sense and respond’ by embedding analytics
  • Achieve greater customer satisfaction through personalization
  • Leverage and extend investments in technology
  • Enjoy greater revenue opportunities through improved customer insights


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