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Mahesh Kshirsagar

CTO – Analytics and Insights, TCS

Need for AI-driven intelligence in the known-unknown matrix

Developing business excellence requires an understanding of enterprise performance, ecosystem support and risk prediction, which can be achieved with collaborative intelligence, enabled by artificial intelligence.

Collaborative intelligence manages the unknowns in a business in two manners:

  • Humans assisting machines, which entails humans enabling machines to demystify the unknowns, and requires explainable and traceable AI solutions.
  • Machines assisting humans, which involves turning the unknowns into knowns in the business operations by making operations robust and repeatable.

Businesses can leverage collaborative intelligence to help enterprises demystify the unknown unknowns, and drive business process re-imagination. This sets the stage for disruptive innovation where an enterprise launches a game-changing product or service to differentiate its business offerings.