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Debasis Kanungo

Consulting partner, Analytics and Insights, TCS

Harnessing the power of human resource analytics to drive employee engagement

In today’s volatile business environment, with businesses transitioning to remote work, it is particularly hard to retain high-performing employees while reducing cost. Enhancing and ensuring improved organizational experience can be a key differentiator in building exceptional employee experiences. Organizations that leverage HR analytics can improve employee performance and reduce turnover while creating a stable and productive workforce. Here are three key focus areas for amplifying employee experience:

  • Strengthen person - organization fit by leveraging digital technology to build resilience in recruitment and talent management functions.

  • Leverage workforce analytics and AI-enabled services to create a more employee-friendly workplace.

  • Inculcate diversity, inclusivity and adherence to work-life synergy by empathetically incorporating family dwelling units into the employee’s workspace.