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Vodafone UK sought to address field force concerns and process inefficiencies


Dispatching field workers to multiple remote locations daily was a complex task that had to balance cost, efficiency and high levels of customer satisfaction. Vodafone UK wanted to modernize its field force management solution to meet these needs. The existing solution could not scale, generate insights on workforce utilization, effectively schedule tasks or update field workers in real-time. – All this resulted in high maintenance costs, long hours spent in the back office manually updating tasks and outputs, and above all, inconsistent customer experience.




TCS leads digital transformation of field force services at Vodafone UK with Oracle Cloud


To empower its workforce and deliver a superior customer experience, Vodafone UK wanted to embark on a digital transformation journey. Vodafone teamed up with TCS to build an intelligent, real-time solution for their field force. Drawing on proven user-centric design capabilities, TCS collaborated with Vodafone to gather requirements, map out a clear set of customer user journeys and KPIs, and deliver the new solution within a short period.

TCS helped Vodafone adopt Oracle Field Service Cloud, supplemented by Visual Builder and Analytics Cloud. Configured for Vodafone’s needs, the cloud-based services drew on artificial intelligence, cognitive, and machine learning capabilities to deliver time-based, self-learning, and predictive field force applications. These included accurate and actionable insights, and real-time views of the field to facilitate automated scheduling and synchronization of work tasks.

The solution enhanced workforce efficiency and customer experience through web and mobile-based communications to deliver real-time messaging and updates.


"As ever, TCS proved to be a perfect partner, helping us fully understand workforce and customer requirements and map out a solution that has transformed the way we work,” Robert Fisher, Senior Manager CRM Domain, Vodafone



Vodafone UK and TCS ensure increased workforce productivity and a happier customer base


With Field Workforce Program, TCS delivered an Oracle Cloud solution that improved resource utilization, increased automation, and reduced costs at Vodafone UK. This led to superior user experience and adoption of solution by other Vodafone UK units.