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Olympus envisioned a sales cloud CRM platform to support a data-driven sales process


Olympus Corporation of the Americas is a leading manufacturer of optical and digital precision products, providing innovative scientific solutions. Due to an outdated customer interface platform, they faced several limitations in business. The company chose to implement Salesforce as the sales cloud CRM platform to reduce time-to-market and time-to-sell. However, the initial roll-out was slow and complex and failed to achieve the desired outcomes that were to pave the way for an enhanced, data-driven sales organization. Olympus Corporation needed a partner that could help transform their customer experience journey.




TCS harnesses Salesforce capability to transform business and sales productivity at Olympus


TCS stepped in to provide the initial stability to improve the sales territory alignment process and optimize the enterprise territory management feature in Salesforce for Olympus to access information regarding products and pricing easily and generate accurate quotes. This led to a multi-year transformation of a dozen other programs that enabled greater productivity and efficiencies in sales, services, asset management, and compliance.

TCS introduced global best practices to deliver multiple projects that reimagined both the customer and sales experience. To fully modernize the sales organization, TCS solutions leveraged a wide array of Salesforce tools. TCS also leveraged its collective knowledge about the industry, customer experience, and Salesforce to develop solutions that helped automate many processes, including the quote-to-order process. It simplified the pricing process, optimized invoice reconciliation, introduced a bar code scanning mobile app for improved accuracy, and managed products using configure, price, and quoting (CPQ) capabilities.


Delivering multiple projects that reimagined both the customer and sales experience



TCS transforms end-to-end sales at Olympus to enhance profitability and productivity


With TCS' solution, Olympus has reduced its sales cycle time from 40 to 8 hours and ensured 100% accuracy in quote generation. The grants and medical team successfully saved 1,500 hours annually with a first-of-its-kind CPQ solution for a non-sales process.



Hours saved by Grants & Medical Affairs Team


FDA compliance achieved


Reduced efforts for sales reps


Hours TAT, reduced from 5 days

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