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Launch your offerings quickly and cost effectively.


In a dynamic business scenario, the most critical factor that holds the key to retain market leadership is your ability to launch and develop new products and services quickly and in a cost-efficient manner, while facing challenges like responding to scale, increased complexity, dynamics of globalization, reduced costs, and reduced cycle times.


TCS New Product Development offerings address challenges spanning the complete product development life cycle, from ideation and design to manufacturing and production.  We offer:

  • Mechanical and Electromechanical Engineering (MEM) including end-to-end design solutions

  • Embedded Systems that cover unique designs and address the need to perform real-time evaluations

  • Real Time offering to develop end-to-end data acquisition and automation solutions

  • Engineering Simulation solution enables you to assess and improve product performance

  • Engineering Automation for significant productivity gains and quicker time-to-market responses

  • Technical Publications compile product documents synchronized with engineering changes, and reduce product development lifecycles


  • Automate development processes and product designs

  • Reduce product development lifecycles

  • Obtain faster time-to-market responses

  • Facilitate your customers to improve product performance



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