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“Finally, what I want to inform here is Nissan and TCS have built a win-win relationship. Today, Automotive technology is evolving fast and just as till date, Nissan trusts that TCS will provide all that is needed as a solution provider”

- Hiroshi Kamiyama from Electronics development group of Nissan Motor Company Ltd.

Nissan Motor Company has more than 9 years of a relationship with TCS. It started with a five member team in modeling and vehicle CAD data creation. Now TCS is engaged in various areas of automotive electronics and vehicle engineering. viz. diagnostics tool development, software quality, embedded software, verification and validation, power train modeling and vehicle body & chassis design.

Experience Partnership

Hiroshi states that the partnership with TCS is beyond just delivering projects. TCS with its vast capabilities in analytics, big data, business intelligence and domain helped in constructing Nissan's analytics system.

Experience Results

Hiroshi highlights TCS’ contributions to Nissan in their nine year partnership.

  • Automobile R&D is time bound and quality requirements are of prime importance. TCS has met demanding timelines, good quality and performance requirements that are needed for automotive research and development projects.

  • TCS has simplified the overall analytic system architecture by reusing the existing Nissan infrastructure and software, optimizing the time needed for end user in learning the new systems. This saved unnecessary training time of maintenance in-charge.

  • With the online analytics system, 600+ end-users across multiple geographical locations are now able to view the actual and real time condition of multiple newly launched vehicles.

Experience Leadership

  • He says TCS takes leadership in technical solutions and mixes it with conventional and creative approaches. Developing the system with future requirements in sight is TCS' strength. The provided solution based on the existing infrastructure of Nissan takes the future expansion into consideration.
  • According to him TCS' (operating) culture is very open, collaborative, cooperative and transparent. Adapting to Nissan' process' and utilizing the best practices in TCS has worked very well as a solution provider in R&D.