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Creating the sustainable organization

Four horizons for purposeful transformation

Preeti Gandhi

Head - Sustainability Marketing, TCS

No single organization can create a sustainable future, so an ecosystem approach must be adopted.

At TCS, we have always believed that businesses exist to serve communities. That belief has guided our commitment to create a positive impact on the world and respond to the changing needs of the communities we serve. Today, the world faces many new challenges that will shape the way we live, but none are mounting as quickly as those related to sustainable development.

So far, the global approach to sustainability has largely been about damage control, with businesses left to develop their own approaches. We see the need to approach sustainability as a collective goal based on shared knowledge—no single organization can create a sustainable future so an ecosystem approach must be adopted. This goal requires moving from mitigation to regeneration, from a reactive mindset of “doing less” harm” to a proactive mindset of “doing more good”. By doing so, there will be positive outcomes for businesses, their employees and customers, and the planet in general.

To learn about the four horizons for purposeful transformation, download the PDF.