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Alistair Davidson

Senior Content Strategist – TCS Interactive, TCS

Murugan Sivasubramanian

Leader, Digital Experience & Commerce, North America, TCS


The COVID-19 pandemic has had three important marketing impacts:

  • Accelerated the importance of digital businesses
  • Jeopardized many industries dependent on crowds and customer density
  • Changed expectations for B2B websites, website content, value-add delivered by the site, supply chain management, and ease of use

The goal for organizations now is to design websites in such a way that customers immediately find what they are looking for rather than forcing them to wander around the website in search of a solution. This level of personalization can be achieved by:

  • Leveraging sales and campaign automation
  • Integrating previously disconnected systems to increase customer connection which results in customer satisfaction
  • Automating simple interactions to shift the focus of field sales representatives on more important tasks
  • De-commoditizing an offering with subscription models, products sold as part of a service, and experiential marketing
  • Targeting non-users to develop new products and introduce them to the existing market of current users
  • Introducing new markets and business models such as subscription model

Using agile software and agile content development approach for building marketing campaigns

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About the authors

Alistair Davidson
With more than 20 years’ experience in marketing consulting, Alistair advises companies across sectors on their go-to-market strategy. He has also developed websites and content marketing programs.
Murugan Sivasubramanian
Murugan is a digital experience leader focusing on channels and commerce at TCS. He has over 14 years’ experience in leading business and digital transformation initiatives for Fortune 100 companies across distribution, CPG, hitech, retail and manufacturing industries.