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Taking TCS Dexam to North America 

We are excited to officially launch TCS Dexam: our data exchange and marketplace solution for the modern business ecosystem in New York on 6th June 2023 at the Innovation Forum. With this launch, we extend our data exchange services to the American geography.

Today, disruptive business ecosystems that cater to intra and inter industry solutions are replacing traditional vertical industry models. Data marketplaces can be a game changer in this evolving business scenario. From enabling secure, seamless data exchange among multiple parties to empowering enterprises to democratize and monetize their data, data marketplaces help companies innovate and respond to market needs faster.  

TCS Dexam operationalizes single and multi-entity ecosystems by enabling seamless data sharing and exchange of information related to products and services among participating stakeholders. The solution helps enterprises collate data from internal and external sources and understand it better to derive actionable insights.  

With TCS Dexam, ecosystem stakeholders can democratize, monetize, and commercialize data, as well as discover products and services offered by participating entities. TCS Dexam facilitates a marketplace for data, products, and services while addressing challenges around security, privacy, consent, negotiation, contract management, terms and conditions, among others. 

Watch this space for more details