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The Virtual Regulatory Cross Pharma Event 2021 hosted in collaboration with Janssen saw participation from over 35 pharma regulatory stakeholders representing 10 top pharma logos.

The event, replete with industry relevant themes and discussions, painted a broad picture of pharma regulatory business priorities with technology playing a key role in accelerating it.

TCS ADD Platforms - 2021 Regulatory Cross Pharma in collaboration with J&J

Quick snapshot of the Event:

  • 10 industry-mapped sessions
  • 8 pharma logos
  • 35+ registrants and attendees
  • 100+ event interactions

The Regulatory Cross Pharma Event saw speakers from diverse pharma regulatory backgrounds participate in industry-mapped sessions with dynamic and insightful presentations. Key takeaways of the event are shared below.

  • Dossier Reusability – Leveraging ML and Structured content authoring for a streamlined dossier management
  • Regulatory Intelligence – Leveraging technology for collection and dissemination of regulatory information
  • Labeling Operations – Using technology to pivot challenges in labeling operations into opportunities
  • Regulatory Operations – Smart regulatory insights through regulatory value drivers
  • Innovation in Regulatory Affairs – Building an enterprise innovation framework by adopting mix of short-term and long-term goals
  • Intelligent Automation - Enabling digital transformations on Health Authority (HA) query management
  • Efficiency in HA Interactions – Role of regulatory intelligence in managing various types of communication
  • Structured Content & Data Management – Managing the ‘Data Clutter’ and extracting relevant information for HAs
  • Innovation in Labeling Operations – Digital interventions in label intelligence, automation and label knowledge management
This has been a fabulous session. I Want to send my appreciation to all the participants and all the speakers. This really has been a fabulous day.
Vice President, Labeling & Submissions Management of Global Pharmaceutical Major

A great event! I enjoyed the presentations, all the speakers have been very informative
Head of Outsourcing and Regulatory Operations of leading global biopharmaceutical

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