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The continuous and evolving need for digital transformation is compelling organizations to rapidly adopt new technologies and innovations.

The ongoing pressure for digital transformation is impacting every function within the enterprise, and F&A is no exception. In addition to these rising expectations from CFOs, evolving digital technologies, techno-functional talent requirements, and the need for the F&A functions to play a more strategic role in delivering business outcomes have put F&A operations in the spotlight, transforming a necessity, not an option.

An effective digital transformation approach needs to be holistic, focusing on process optimization along with digital enablement of business processes in conjunction with the underlying IT infrastructure and applications layer. To realize more value from digital transformation efforts, enterprises need a connected ecosystem of digital and process enablers coupled with contextual know-how and industry-specific nuances.

This thought leadership paper explores how an integrated finance transformation approach can help accelerate digital transformation by orchestrating multiple digital and process levers across IT infrastructure, applications, and business process layers to achieve the full benefits of transformation.