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Industrialization of Blockchain technology for banking & financial services

Blockchain and distributed ledger technology enables reimagining complex hierarchical transaction processing between market participants with a more comprehensive, peer-to-peer, disintermediated interactions enabling faster and cheaper transaction processing.

We are focusing on underlying technology and its applications in banking and not on virtual currencies like bitcoin. 

  • Design principles aligned with the needs of the highly regulated banking & financial services industry
  • Blockchain architecture framework and technology checklists
  • TCS Blockchain PoC platforms
  • Dedicated TCS Blockchain Lab with Demonstrable Use Cases and Proof of Concepts across Banking and Capital Markets
  • Partnerships and hands-on experience with market solutions
  • Delivery and project management experience for large transformational programs 

Our offerings tailored to our customer journey in exploring and implementation of Blockchain technology. TCS offers the following services:

a)    Advisory Services

    • Blockchain strategy/roadmap
    • Executive Briefings, training workshops/seminars
    • Business use cases/review

b)    Pilot Projects

    • Use case development/validation
    • Technology selection/review
    • TCS Blockchain PoC platform
    • PoV/Pilot project execution  

c)    Projects

    • Blockchain technology related development
    • TCS Blockchain Enterprise platform
    • Integration with Enterprise applications
    • Test Cycle and Data

White Papers

Streamlining Corporate Actions Processing with Blockchain

The ability of blockchain technology to process information across hierarchies, in a trusted manner, can be utilized to simplify the corporate actions information exchange.

White Papers

Blockchain Technology – Transforming Transaction Processing in Capital Markets

Based on the success of blockchain technology in storing and transferring value in the form of virtual currencies, a popular view in the financial services industry is that it can also help manage transactions in mainstream financial assets more effectively. The industry is looking to re-engineer the blockchain technology from virtual currency implementations like bitcoin, and tailor it to store and transfer value in assets like regulated currencies, financial instruments, and derivative contracts.

White Papers

Reimagining KYC Using Blockchain Technology

Existing KYC process is fragmented, involves dependencies and is costly for banks. Could it be reimagined using blockchain technology? Find out!