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Finance and Reporting


Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your  enterprise finance function by leveraging  TCS's expertise in Finance and Reporting domain

TCS’ Finance and Reporting Services aims to assist Chief Financial Officers across the industry in ensuring timely and accurate reporting and compliance, and enabling faster and smarter decision making.  

Our consultants, with their deep domain expertise in enterprise finance function and compliance, help leading financial organizations simplify, optimize and transform their finance and reporting function. We provide consulting and advisory services to our customers across all phases, from conceptualization to execution and delivery. The methodologies, solutions, business process and information models developed by TCS embody best practices across markets. 

We offer services in a number of areas relevant to CFOs, including:

  • Finance simplification and transformation
  • Regulatory reporting and compliance (IFRS, US GAAP, Central Bank Reporting, FINREP, FATCA, CRS, and so on.)
  • Risk and finance Integration
  • Financial analytics 

Key offerings to cater to the aforementioned areas include:  

Digital CFO suite: Helps organizations enhance the efficiency, accuracy, and speed in financial planning and analysis (FP&A), facilitating better and timely business decisions

-    Financial planning and forecasting offering

-    Profitability analysis offering

-    Financial Analytics Solution

Regulatory and compliance suite: Ensures smooth and timely compliance to regulations by leveraging industry best practices   

-    IFRS 9 compliance framework

-    FATCA compliance framework

-    CRS compliance framework

-    FATCA and CRS reporting solution

-    Regulatory Reporting framework 

Risk and finance integration framework: Enables banks to define the future state requirements, design the target architecture, business processes, and application landscape, and create golden sources of data,  thereby reducing costs and associated risks and improving efficiency in reporting.

White Papers

Artificial Intelligence and the Banking CFO: The Endless Possibilities

To be valued as an active contributor instead of merely a bookkeeper, a CFO needs to be able to ingest relevant enterprise data and process it. Recent advances in processing power, speed, and artificial intelligence (AI) have the capability to automate processes and augment a CFOs' core strengths as the finance subject matter expert

White Papers

IFRS 16 Leases: An Impact Analysis

In Jan 2016, the International Accounting Standards Board (IASB) issued the new accounting standard on leases – International Financial Reporting Standard (IFRS) 16: Leases. The IFRS 16 aims to make it possible for users of financial statements – banks, creditors, investors, and others – to get a more reliable and complete picture of the financial position and performance of an entity.

White Papers

Regulatory Capital and Leverage Ratio under the IFRS 9 Regime

IFRS 9 is expected to have significant impact on the capital structure of global financial institutions. The three-stage ECL model will most likely result in higher provisions with impacts on financial statements, regulatory capital, taxation, and other business aspects such as product pricing and so on.

White Papers

IFRS 9 Expected Loss Impairment Accounting Model

The International Accounting Standards Board (IASB) introduced the final guidance on expected loss (EL) model with implementation by January 1st 2018. This article discusses the expected loss impairment model, with specific focus on its comparison with the expected loss model under the Basel framework and what impact the IFRS 9 guidance is likely to have on the regulatory capital.