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TCS’ Global Alliance with Brightidea





In May 2014, TCS partnered with Brightidea, a market leading innovation management platform, supporting both social innovation and end-to-end innovation lifecycle management. The technology component of TCS Ideation Factory is provided by Brightidea, which has over 15 years of social innovation and innovation management lessons learned ‘baked right in.’ The TCS–Brightidea alliance defines success through tangible, measurable innovation program outcomes.

The TCS Advantage

The TCS-Brightidea alliance promotes innovation through:

  • Effective innovation management: TCS Ideation Factory offers ‘ideation management as a service,’ to provide a strong foundation for enterprise-wide innovation.

  • Industry expertise: TCS Ideation Factory combines the skills of best practice-trained specialists with Brightidea’s leading innovation management platform which can jumpstart an organization’s innovation journey or supplement existing innovation capabilities. 

  • Collaborative innovation: We work with your employees and other stakeholders across your innovation ecosystem to systematically assess new ideas, and identify the best for monetization potential.


TCS-Brightidea Solutions

Leveraging TCS Ideation Factory, led by the TCS–Brightidea alliance, any organization can quickly and effectively establish ‘ideation management as a service.’ This can be shared across the enterprise to launch innovation crowdsourcing campaigns, run ideation acceleration workshops, and conduct innovation scouting. It helps address the challenges facing the business and create meaningful value for customers, shareholders, employees, and partners.


Solution Benefits

By providing best practice capabilities at the ‘flip of a switch':

  • Enhances innovation: TCS Ideation Factory increases the volume of new insights and novel ideas generated, and identifies better ideas for experimentation. It enables the co-creation of valuable concepts from the most useful insights and compelling ideas.

  • Fosters an enterprise-wide culture of innovation: With the Ideation Factory, TCS and Brightidea create a vibrant environment, motivating employees to contribute their ideas and capabilities to make a meaningful difference for the enterprise and themselves. This helps retain the best employees and the ‘natural entrepreneurs.’


“TCS Ideation Factory powered by Brightidea combines the best innovation management tools with the best industry consultants to deliver the highest business returns on your innovation investment.”
 - Vincent Carbone, Brightidea Co-founder and COO


About the Partner

Brightidea is a leading software provider for corporate collaborative innovation programs. It enables organizations to achieve their highest potential by fully harnessing the creative capacity of their people through crowdsourcing, crowdfunding, and unique, specialized innovation management software and services. This is referred to as People Powered Innovation. The company’s singular focus on helping organizations achieve rapid, recurring results sets it apart in the industry.

Brightidea’s software enables innovation program leaders to achieve extraordinary success. This top software innovation company has worked with over 300 leading global brands, including Accenture, BT, Cisco, GE, MasterCard, and Roche, to achieve tens of millions of dollars of financial innovation impact.

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