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Customer Analytics Framework


Real-time adaptive information delivery based on changing customer behavior in social media and web

Social media channels have become big influencers in the customer decision-making process. TCS’ experience indicates that banks realize that an increasing number of customers, today, go online to research products before a purchase. It is critical to present the relevant product information in real-time, leveraging social media, to aid the online customer decision-making process.

Some of the key challenges faced, today, include the following:

  • Analyzing the behavior of new visitors
  • Predicting outcomes in real-time
  • Increase customer reach and prospect conversion
  • Measure the Return of Investment in social media and web

TCS’ Customer Analytics Framework (CAF) helps you optimally utilize your existing information, collate customer information to effectively drive sales for your products, and increase your customer base. 

The TCS Advantage

CAF is a unique blend of real-time decision-making modules integrated with social media networks, backed by the Business Process Management (BPM) module. This has been developed in partnership with Pega Systems.

TCS brings its in-depth domain experience in incorporating next best action and BPM for the customer relation management segment, specifically in the banking & financial services sector.

What it Does

CAF is a dynamic system that helps you with the following: 

  • Tap the potential of social networking sites and adapt to the evolving market trends
  • Create targeted advertisements and regenerate a new advertisement in real-time, on the basis of the response from the existing one

CAF enables the following:

  • Capture: Facilitates customer acquisition, on the basis of real-time individual customer behavior
  • Predict: Leverages web analytics data and automates the process of marketing and social networking-targeted communication / advertisements, adjusting them dynamically
  • Act and Report: Automates advertisement performance tracking and adjustment process across channels


CAF helps you measure your ROI in social media and web, resulting in the following:

  • Increased revenues, with effective use of marketing budgets for customer acquisition
  • Ability to measure the utilization of the budget allocated for customer acquisition in social media
  • Increase in prospect conversion ratio due to the higher agility of dynamic personalized communication

With CAF, you can automatically deploy the most relevant and effective communication about your product  or service on the basis of real-time customer behavior on various social media platforms. We help you target your product communications for specified demographic and behavioral segments, increasing your prospect-to-consumer conversion, thereby increasing your revenue through social media channels.