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KYC and Anti-Money Laundering

Current Challenges: Effective anti-money laundering policies for cross-industry adoption

What TCS provides: Strategies that help banks combat and prevent money-laundering effectively and comprehensively, including KYC, that enable banks to know and understand customers and their financial dealings, and help manage risks prudently.

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FI Insourcing

Current Challenges: The need to develop direct and long-term relationships with their customers

What TCS provides: An insourcing strategy for integrating business processes, selecting the right technology, and when needed, transitioning from technology outsourcing services

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G30 Recommendations

Current Challenges: The need to create and implement global standards in technological and operational areas, improve risk management practices, and harmonize legal and regulatory environments to improve the governance for providers of clearing and settlement services, which, when implemented, will significantly improve the safety and efficiency of international securities markets

What TCS provides: An interoperable securities settlement network, as well as risk mitigation in clearing and settlement that results in improving corporate governance of the entities involved

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Current Challenges: Upgrading business systems with an integrated and competitive trading infrastructure in order to respond to the changing securities market

What TCS provides: Strategies to transform processes and systems for effective compliance with MiFID standards

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Algorithmic Trading

Current Challenges: Improved means of ensuring that their trading process is effectively and efficiently managed, including the ability to exploit micro-trends in price movements or optimizing order execution costs

What TCS provides: Strategies to leverage algorithmic trading effectively, including using it for trend following, contrarian, benchmark and order book

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Basel II

Current Challenges: Implementing robust risk management practices and frameworks such as Basel ll

What TCS provides: Comprehensive strategies that include establishing rigorous guidelines for assessing existing practices and systems, building specific data warehouses and analytical modules, and deploying technology solutions to address Basel II requirements more effectively

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Common Loan Origination

Current Challenges: Increasing origination costs due to procedural inconsistencies from disparate systems at the lenders end

What TCS provides: Strategies and solutions to implement a common loan origination platform, with standardized processes and STP for successfully controlling and reducing origination and fulfillment costs

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Market Data Streaming

Current Challenges: Providing up-to-the-second market data and generating real-time quotes in order to make optimal trading decisions

What TCS provides: Automation of trading environments to stream critical market data for generating real-time quotes directly from execution venues and for handling multiple asset classes like equity and commodities

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Relationship-based Pricing

Current Challenges: Stiff competition, uncertain customer loyalty, declining profit margins, revenue leakage, pace of introducing new products, limited cross-sell/up-sell capability

What TCS Provides: TCS provides an end-to-end solution of business consulting, systems integration and a state-of-the-art solution in collaboration with its alliance partner, SunTec. We have an in-depth understanding and experience in the selection and implementation of products to suit the varied needs of global retail and commercial banks.

Business Value: Relationship-based pricing is an emerging paradigm enabled by technology to deliver on the promises of a single customer view, differential pricing of products and product bundling. It allows banks to make informed choices on product pricing and customer profitability and leverages their current CRM investments and back office integration initiatives.

Alliance: TCS has partnered with SunTec to deliver the promise of Relationship-Based Pricing for global banks. SunTec is a leading provider of Relationship-based Pricing and centralized billing solutions for the banking and financial services industry. It has conceptualized and created the core pricing and billing platform that is horizontal in nature and flexible enough to address the pricing and billing requirements of any transaction-based vertical.

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Loyalty Management

Current Challenges : Lower than optimal organic growth due to customer attrition and low advocacy coupled with limited cross-buying behavior in a highly regulated and maturing market place

What TCS Provides: TCS provides an end-to-end solution of business consulting, systems integration and a state-of-the-art solution for Relationship Loyalty in collaboration with its alliance partner, SunTec. We have an in-depth understanding and experience in selection and implementation of products to suit the varied needs of global retail and commercial banks.

Business Value: Loyalty management is an emerging trend in the banking industry. It helps banks clinch a larger share of the customers wallet and ensures customer retention by driving customer behavior. This solution helps banks to increase the customers portfolio penetration and cross-selling by creating novel and innovative loyalty programs based on customer/account/product or any transaction attribute. Customers are rewarded for availing multiple products and services, their longevity of relation with the bank, the volume, revenue or margins generated across geographies, usage of channels and others. In new-age banking, the emphasis is on building enterprise-wide relationship-based loyalty programs that reward customers for their entire banking relationship across all financial products and services of the bank. Predictive modeling in this solution ensures banks to run profitable loyalty programs by testing the program against historic customer usage pattern. In being able to provide rewards/commission for and sustain relations with its high return partners/merchants, banks are in turn assured of being able to lure their customers with the showcase of the right rewards.

Alliance: TCS has partnered with SunTec to provide services in the area of Loyalty Management for global banks. SunTec is extending its suite of products for players in the banking and financial services industry by introducing the centralized Relationship Loyalty solution to its existing suite of relationship-based pricing and centralized billing solutions.

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Straight Through Processing

Current Challenges: Re-examining business processes, rationalizing application portfolios and re-engineering systems to accommodate internal STP

What TCS provides: Internal STP implementation to assist in automating processes, integrating internal and external systems, and eliminating batch processing for increased efficiency application

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SEPA & Payments

Current Challenges: Upgrading business systems for SEPA compliance

What TCS provides: Strategies to transform internal systems quickly and effectively in light of the SEPA requirements

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Multi-channel integration

Current Challenges: Robust system architectures that can support multi-channel integration

What TCS provides: Frameworks for realizing multi-channel integration objectives, including consistent customer service, improved cross-sell opportunities, quicker time-to-market for new channels and services and a real-time view of customers

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